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Pellatt Newsreel: The Story of a LifetimeĀ Narrated by Colin Mochrie (This Hour Has 22 Minutes, Whose Line is it Anyway), this new 22-minute docudrama is styled as a 1939 newsreel tracing the arc of Sir Henry Pellatt's life.

From his roots as an enterprising stockbroker to his ascent to the heights of the Canadian establishment, Pellatt Newsreel is a story of unbridled optimism and entrepreneurial high stakes. But Pellatt Newsreel also tells the story of hubris and tragedy - how Sir Henry's dreams were undone, first by the Ontario government and then by his own financial miscalculations, which saw him driven out of his glorious "castle on the hill", his home and monument. Presented daily in the beautifully restored Billiard/ Smoking Room. Screenings each half hour during operating hours. The film is produced by Lush Art & Entertainment and directed by Barbra Cooper.

We gratefully acknowledge the generous contribution of SPF Design Inc. to this restoration project.